Image of Moon Phase Tray (Cobalt Blue) Image of Moon Phase Tray (Cobalt Blue) Image of Moon Phase Tray (Cobalt Blue)

Moon Phase Tray (Cobalt Blue)


**Please read!**This tray is discounted because there is small scratches on some of the glass and tiles! It is being sold as is. It is hard to photograph the scratches because of the glass glare but please scroll to the last pic to see a close up.
This Moon Phase Tray is a mosaic creation made by using pieces of stained glass and tiles. I hand cut every little piece and put it all back together again. After that I grout over the glass and tiles to seal it in. The stained glass I use for the moon’s is an iridized white. The background glass is cobalt blue glass and tiles. I used pieces of iridized glass and tiles for all the pops of colors. The tray itself is wooden with brass colored handles. I stained the wood a dark oak. It is 18” long from handle to handle, 6” wide, and a little over 2” tall. Every tray will be different! If you are ordering this as “made to order” please be aware that this piece takes time to make. Please check over my shipping and policies section before ordering.