Image of UFO Panel Image of UFO Panel Image of UFO Panel

UFO Panel


This UFO panel is made with awesome glass and love! I changed it up and used a purple bubbly glass for the background this time. The UFO is made with an iridescent gray for the saucer, and iridescent clear for the top. The green trees are an iridized wispy dark green. The grassy fields are made with a green glass that has a chunky bubble like texture. Anything iridized will have that rainbow like glow in certain lighting. I made the custom twisty frame, it has a smooth border with a twist on the outside. I colored all the soldering and frame with a black patina. It comes with a chain to hang it up, and is best hung from an installed hook. The dimensions are 12” in length by 8.5” in width. This piece is already made and will ship out within a few days of your order. Please review my shipping and polices section before placing your order.